Saturday, June 23, 2012

Unexpected Blessings

Sometimes in life, as you're going along at the posted speed, you allow yourself to feel safe.

You think that because you're following the rules (for the most part), nothing will jump out and get you. Day in and day out, you ride along, looking straight ahead and watching for potential pitfalls and snags.

And then it happens.

You know, IT.

Whatever IT might be in your life, the thing you're afraid of. The thing that worries you; that wiggles into your thoughts in the split second before you fall asleep. I can honestly say that I am not afraid of much in life. However, as the Mayor of Controlville in the Commonwealth of Ocdland, my Boogeyman is The Unexpected.

Going into farming is not a common choice for people like me. There are many reasons for this:

1. Crops don't listen to instructions.
2. Wildlife doesn't speak English.
3. The tractor will break in the middle of the last day of dry weather during haymaking.
4. Fish won't jump into my skillet when asked.
5. No matter how strong I may be, I can't control the weather.

The Unexpected will happen. It's up to me to control how I react. As I've gotten older, I've discovered a wonderful secret about The Unexpected: it can be used to inject goodness into the Universe. That sounds a little hippie-dippy-trippy, I know. But here's what can happen:

1. The crops that fail wouldn't have sold well. This makes you think harder about what will work better.
2. When the wildlife stands outside your garden fence looking for a way in, you have a chance to get your camera and get some stunning shots.
3. When your neighbors hear that your tractor has broken, you get to see everyone and make them lemonade when they converge on your farm to help you.
4. Luring fish onto the hook gives you time to work on your farmer's tan.
5. Stormy weather blows down dead trees so you don't have to risk your neck cutting them down yourself.

See? It works!

In this modern era of safety nets and comprehensive insurance packages, The Unexpected can easily provide the components for a good old-fashioned panic attack. The thing to remember is that hidden within all of us are the keys to the arsenal that fights off the fear. Faith and love.

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