Sunday, June 3, 2012

Farmlicious Read: We Took To The Woods

I began reading this book with a little hesitation. It wasn't really any sort of go-to book on agriculture, cooking or preserving. The first few pages were challenging to read, as the author published this work in the 1930s, using the common language of the time. However, what compelled me to plow through the attic-antique verbiage and dusty references was the underlying concept of an intelligent, educated and accomplished woman who chose a different path in life and wasn't afraid to showcase her choices and invite her readers to glory in them as well. Interior Maine in the 1930s was no joke and did not provide any sort of shelter to the weak or whiny. Louise Dickinson Rich gathers the tall tales of life in the North Woods and filters them through a sieve of humor and joy.

Reading about a professional writer making her living from such a remote place, while living as a wife and mother- raising children in the rugged wilderness with none of today's parental hyper-concern as to the minute-by-minute welfare of her offspring was refreshing. We Took To The Woods is a reminder to us all that there is always reward in living your life your way!

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