Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DinnerLove: Corn Chowder dumplings

I love leftovers.

Some folks think leftovers aren't fit to feed to the dogs. But to me, leftovers are a way to stretch your food dollars. And many dishes taste better after an overnight sit. (In the fridge, of course.)

When I am uninspired with my fresher options, I mine my refrigerator for bits and pieces that I combine to make one main dish or a side dish for my family's meals.
Today was no exception. Crammed next to the egg carton was a half-empty bowl of mashed potatoes, it's cellophane covering sliding down around the bottom of the bowl, condensation dripping off to puddle on the glass fridge shelf. Shameful.

I pulled that out and set it aside. My first thought was gnocchi. I've done a post on how to make that. So I pulled out the eggs that were jammed next to the shameful potato bowl. Behind the egg carton was a little surprise; a bowl of leftover corn with no cover at all and the serving spool dangling off the edge. Jeeze. Here I am supposed to be a culinary professional.(LOL) Shameful.

So I pulled that out and peered back into the refrigerator to make sure there were no other sanitation violations. Relieved to see all was clean and covered, I turned to the items on the table behind me. Sighing, I dumped the mashed potatoes into my 5 quart mixing bowl, added a few spoons of the corn (the rest went into the compost bin) along with 4 eggs and about 2 cups of all-purpose flour. I flung the bowl onto the machine and gave it a whir. I threw the resulting mixture in it's bowl into the fridge to rest for the day.

Simmer for 15-20 minutes
To finish these shameful dumplings, I use a cookie scoop and drop them into boiling water. I prefer to toss them in browned butter before serving, or even add some grated parmesan cheese, but you can use any sort of sauce you like.

Heat butter til it browns

Then again, you can always leave your hot dumplings naked. After all, they are shameful!

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